About us

Loomsandrooms was built to deliver simple, beautiful, high-quality home essentials for those who prefers quality over quantity, tradition over trends ,and beauty over speed.

Loomsandrooms was born in the land of never ending summers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For most of citizens, Dubai is home away from home. Same for us as well, and we wanted to bring some touches with us.  We aren’t old textile industry experts, but we have huge cultural heritage that can be carried to anywhere we go. Our products crafted with traditional black looms,  simple, beautiful, high-quality home essentials, provides an escape from mass-produced goods for those who love quality over quantity, tradition over trends, and beauty over speed We design each product with multi-functionality in mind, making sure that you are getting the most out of a single item. And with the proper care you won’t need to replace their most loved items for many years.

And  finally, try our best to offer products at accessible prices.

Let’s start our journey together.